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The Technology Early Deployment (TED) is a process where innovative technologies are selected for assessment and review based on the technology application, team strength, and alignment with the Technology Priority Maps, to fulfill the California decarbonization challenge. These technologies are all winners of Cal Tech’s Rocket Fund technology challenge.

TED was sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute and Southern California Edison’s Emerging Technologies Program. These new technologies were selected for TED because they support California’s clean energy goals of increased energy efficiency, reduced GHG emissions, energy storage capacity and demand flexibility.*

* These technologies are not endorsed, recommended, or favored by EPRI or SCE or are the product or company described herein


TED Reports

Blue Frontier

Ultra Efficient Rooftop HVAC for Commercial Buildings.

Community Energy Labs

AI Powered Clean Building Energy Management System.


Efficient High Torque Electric Motor using Electrostatics.

Grid Fruit

Ultra Efficient Rooftop HVAC for Commercial Buildings.

Hearth Labs Q Sense

Thermal Radiation Measurement for Optimal Comfort.


Heat Driven Air Conditioning for Off-Grid Cooling.


An Easy-to-Install Window Retrofit for Improved Insulation.


Simplified EV Charging and Home Electrification.

Paired Power

Direct-DC Solar to EV Chargers and Portable Solar Canopy.

SHARC Energy Systems

Thermal Energy Recovery for Hot Water and AC Production.

Stow Energy

Syncing Home HVAC & Renewables with Low-Cost Storage.

Xeal Energy

Expanding EV Charging Benefits for Building Owners, Drivers & Utilities