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Dynamic Rate (Flexible Pricing Rate Pilot) Resources

Explore documents related to CalFUSE

The CalFUSE concept develops a novel approach to demand flexibility management, expanding on the solutions needed for future electric system reliability while meeting the executive guidance of Gov. Newsom’s order to improve system reliability. These goals include:

  1. The challenges associated with the ongoing transformation of the electricity system resulting from the expected high penetration of renewables, electrification of buildings and transportation, and deployment of behind-the-meter (BTM) distributed energy resources (DERs),
  2. The significant opportunity involving demand-side flexibility enabled by widespread electrification and customer DER deployment, and its potential to integrate renewables and reduce GHG emissions, improve system reliability, and reduce or minimize cost of service, and
  3. The limitations associated with the traditional approach to demand response and retail rate design that curtail the demand-side potential described above, suggesting a need for a fresh approach.

CPUC Decision & Advice Letter Resources

California Public Utilities Commission Phase 2 Decision (issued December 6, 2021): CPUC Decision D.21-12-015

CPUC Phase 2 Decision Attachments: CPUC Decision D.21-12-015 Attachments

SCE’s Advice Letter (filed January 5, 2022):  Advice Letter 4684-E: Southern California Edison Company’s Dynamic Rate Pilot Pursuant to Decision 21-12-015

SCE’s Supplemental Advice Letter (filed April 25, 2022):  Supplemental to Tier 2 Advice Letter for SCE’s Dynamic Rate Pilot Pursuant to Decision 21-12-015

CPUC Approval of SCE Advice Letters 4684-E and AL 4684-E-A (issued April 29, 2022):  Non-Standard Disposition Letter pursuant to Decision (D.) 21-12-015

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